Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thumb Wars--A Devotion

This week, a devotion I wrote for kids is running on DevoKids. DevoKids says it is a site for "Christian Devotions for KIDS", but it is so much more. You can find fun facts, interesting stories, recipes just for kids, puzzles, games, author interviews, words to the wise about money, and lots of other stuff.

It is such a fun, engaging site, I decided to let you click the link below and go straight to the website to read it (and see it!) for yourself.

If you click on Devotion, you can read about a lesson you can learn from that fun finger game Thumb Wars. And if you click on Food Fixin's you can get the recipe for a yummy snack mix that adults AND kids can make!

Devo Kids Christian Devotions for KIDS

Hope you enjoy this little change of pace here in the middle of July. On Friday, it's back to looking at personality with Getting Into Character.

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