Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jewel!

Friday my only little girl enters the world of double-digits. Happy 10th birthday, Jewel! Ten years ago today, my belly already wracked with contractions, I waited to see if my daughter would enter the world completely healthy, or die in my arms soon after her birth. I've told you the story of my pregnancy and her birth before, but if you missed it, you can read it in the post titled Special Delivery.

She's changed so much since the first time I got a look at her tiny round face, button nose, and auburn hair. Her face is still round, her nose still pug, but her auburn locks were replaced with honey-colored hair that is stick straight all except at the nape of her neck where it curls. She's developed into a word-girl, full of stories and songs, jokes and facts, words and more words, enough to make your head spin. You can read more about Jewel by clicking on the page "Meet the Cast of Characters" or by clicking here.

She loves Jesus and trusts God to protect her and rescue her since, as she says, "He's already saved my life once." Not only has God spared her from the chromosomal disorder that could have taken her life before it barely got started, but he healed her from small cysts on her eyes while she was still a pre-schooler. God has been good to her and to us and surely has a plan that he's already working out in her life.

A fanatic about the Titanic, she can spout facts you never even thought to ask and is a veritable well of information. If she hears it, she remembers it, so the year she watched a Disney promo-DVD, all we had to do when we had a question was to ask Jewel and she'd regurgitate the answer verbatim. Not bad when you're debating the good points of Epcot versus Animal Kingdom! If we can get her to memorize a map, it'll be like having our own personal GPS/tour guide along on every trip.

She isn't afraid to stand out or stand up for what she believes. My friend Zella hits the nail on the head when she shakes her head, smiles, and says, "Jewel is her own person!" She frequently asks her dad for Gideon Student Bibles to give to children at school that she's told about Jesus and led  in a prayer for salvation.

Imaginative and creative, vibrant and talkative, gregarious yet solitary, Jewel, just as her name implies, is comprised of many facets. She is a rare find; one to be held dear, yet shared with the world. A colorful bit of fire that reflects all that's good about her Creator.

I recently reviewed a children's book by Diana Symons. You can read my thoughts on the book (and a little of Jewel's) below, but one sentence stands out, spoken by the wise King to his daughter. "If such a jewel is to be had, it will be worth the journey." The past ten years have been quite a journey with our Jewel. I can honestly say, it's been worth it. Happy Birthday, Jewel!

Review of "Where the Jewels Are" by Diana Symons

WHERE THE JEWELS ARE--Book 1 Tales from the Throne
by Diana Symons
Gold Pen Press, ISBN 978-1-934995-02-0, Paperback, 45 pages, $5.99.

There once was a Princess who had it all--looks, material possessions, and a wise and kind father, the King. The Princess wanted more, specifically a jewel that would shine as bright as a star in the night sky. Her father, being both wise and good, sends her on journey that will test her body and melt her heart. The lessons she learns along the way change her attitudes about what she holds dear and her beliefs about everything she thought she knew.

A small book with big lessons for young ladies, aged 8-12.

Jewel says, "A good story about friends who set out to find a jewel and it ends up being each other."

You can visit Diana Symons at her website,

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