Meet the Cast of Characters

Meet the Cast of "Characters"

I want to introduce you to the cast of "characters" that comprise my home-zoo. I'm not using the actual names of my children, but bestowed upon them names indicative of their personalities (okay, let's just say it--their oddities). It is my hope that as I talk about them, you will learn a little more about who they are and why they make life so, uhh..ummm..INTERESTING! :)

"Justice" is my 14-year-old son. I call him this because he is a typical first-born, follow-the-rules-type guy. He is accurate to a fault and wants to make sure justice is doled out (except when it comes to him). He is a sports nut and a natural student, pushing himself to excell at every undertaking. He is my mini-me. His favorite characteristic about himself are his freckles.

 He teaches me to guard my words for accuracy and truth. "Here is my servant, who I upheld, my chosen one in whom I delight; and I will put my Spirit on him and he will bring justice to the nations." Isaiah 42:1


I'm calling my 12-year-old daughter "Jewel". She is a priceless treasure who has a heart for anything art-related, but excells at writing. She has many facets and, as one friend says, "She is her own person." Her heart is full of love for Jesus and she regularly introduces others to him. She's my messy, left-handed, head-in-the-clouds dreamer. She is an animal lover who is on a constant vigil to add a cat-any cat- to our home.

She teaches me to be true to the song God put in my heart. "Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel." Proverbs 20:15

Rounding out the under-age crowd in my house is "Jot", my 10-year-old son. On this blog he will be known by this name simply for it's meaning: the smallest character. Anyone who knows him would agree that not only is he our smallest guy, but he is quite a character. He will attempt anything the other two come up with and what they don't think of, he does. He loves to make people laugh and is the most tender-hearted of the crew. He is a natural investigator, often attempting to figure out the mechanics of appliances and conducting "science experiments", which unfortunately usually involve bodily fluids or once-live things. He might be small, but he is mighty.

He teaches me to laugh and explore the world God's given us. "Gideon said to him, 'Me, my master? How and with what could I ever save Israel? Look at me...I'm the runt of the litter'. God said to him, 'I'll be with you...'" Judges 6:15,16