Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Into Character: The ENFJ (Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judger)

Today we finish our detailed look at all sixteen Myers-Briggs labels. This is going to be so fun, because even if this is not your particular label, more than likely you will recognize someone you know and love revealed on the page. I need to let you know that this is NOT a professional opinion or blog—I’m just teaching you what I've learned over more than ten years of studying personality.

I’m not going to repeat my description of the dominant preferences and such, but if you haven’t been following along, go back and read the beginning of the first week’s post, which you will find under the April archives (The ESTP). I’ve highlighted the part you need to read in green, so you can easily catch up. You can look in each month, starting in February, and read all the posts titled Getting Into Character to get a view of the entire study.

Last week we looked at the INFJs, our friends and family members who help us focus on the future. Today we will change just one letter and see what a difference it makes when we go from the Introverted INFJ to the people-charged ENFJ, those awesome people who see our future potential and help us live up to it.

Living Life with an ENFJ: ENFJs are cheerleaders for living up to your own potential. They are leaders, organizers, supporters, and encouragers. They see what could be and they believe people can live up to their ideals and aspirations. They are insightful and often take others' feelings into consideration when making decisions. They are people of integrity and watch to see that the people around them live that way too. They believe the best about people and use warmth and encouragement to both support and prod people in their life. ENFJs are creative, coming up with new and innovative ideas.

Career/Service Area Choices for an ENFJ: ENFJs are people-oriented and up-front people and this is reflected in their choices of careers and service opportunities. ENFJs enjoy organizing fellowship and creating atmospheres that make people feel welcome. They promote change and meet large scale needs of people in their life and produce changes for the better. Some careers or volunteer positions that often appeal to ENFJs include: actor, counselor/therapist, clergy, trainer/teacher, designer, marketing, accountant, auditor, writer, attorney, assistant, and economist.
Free Time for an ENFJ: Before an ENFJ will spend time on personal hobbies or free time, all responsibilities to others will be complete. They also put relationships ahead of their own desires. ENFJs are avid readers and movie-goers and they enjoy watching how characters live and deal with real-to-life difficulties. Because they also enjoy talking about what they've read, they frequently participate in book clubs or reading groups. They are people-watchers, so you may find them doing that with characters or flesh-and-blood people. ENFJs enjoy helping people, so their free time might include aspects of that.  They don't like conflict and so they generally will stay away from highly competitive sports and activities or ones where people could get hurt.

Warnings for the ENFJ: Too much of any good thing can be a bad thing, so here are some things ENFJs need to beware. ENFJs can easily get their feelings hurt. They need to learn to not take things so personally and to listen to what people are really saying. Since they are people-focused, it is easy for ENFJs to forget the mundane tasks of day-to-day living and focus too much on relationships. They need to remember what needs done at home, at work, or in other areas of their life. ENFJs can come across as bossy to others. Be careful that you don't run people over and allow others to have less-than-perfect outcomes. Life is not about always being perfect, so give people a break.
Spiritual Helps for the ENFJ: Since ENFJs spend so much time and energy directed toward others, they may wish to focus inward for their worship and study times. They can combine this with corporate worship and study, but they need time alone so they can really focus on themselves without the temptation to turn their energy toward others. Their ability to clearly see into the future can aid people and organizations in prophetic-type ways. ENFJs enjoy being "out front", so they will need to balance this with time in quiet, personal study and reflection. ENFJs are organized and scheduled, so this will likely come out in their spiritual life. ENFJs may need to focus less on those around them for a time and go deeper into their own spiritual formation.

What Others Say About the ENFJ: Are you beginning to see yourself of someone you love on this page? If so, you know that they (or you) are people who are verbal, diplomatic, loyal and idealistic. ENFJs are enthusiastic and energetic and expressive. They also support those around them and are loyal to the people in their life.
Okay, who do you know that is an ENFJ? If you are an ENFJ, let me hear from you. I would love to know who out there can help lead me to the future!

That's it, folks! We've studied all eight pairings and now all sixteen options for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You may want to go back now and fill in any blanks. I'm going to take the month of August off from Getting Into Character and I'm planning to take a look at learning styles in September. Until then, we'll continue with lessons two days each week. This has been a great time studying this aspect of personality with you.

Check back in on Monday when we talk camping. See you then!


  1. Too much of a good thing? You meant, except for chocolate, of course.

  2. Nikki!! I did NOT know you were a blogger! Just saw your little face in Keri's follow list.


  3. Linda--well of course, I mean chocolate too. You've got to balance it with coffee! :)

    Keetha--I've just been blogging since the beginning of the year, but I love it!

  4. This is Me!!Thnks Nikki!

  5. I'm an ENFJ guy and this pretty much fits me to a tee! It's cool how you relate worship styles to each type and I commend you for doing so. I disagree however, about some career suggestions, such as accountant, auditor, and economist. From my experience, they seem to fall within the realm of ISTJ for the first two, with the latter more INTJ. I definitely am not aware of any ENFJ person who would enjoy either of those careers, but otherwise, very much on target.

    1. I am an ENFJ and I'm considering choosing a path in Economics so I think this article is quite spot on.

  6. I'm ENFJ, currently an accountant and just accepted an auditing position. I do like the field but I'm realizing that my attention span is low when it comes to 'nitty gritty spreadsheet details' versus paying attention to the people around me. I'm a complete nerd so I love spreadsheets and excel but I love people to so it's an interesting conundrum...