Saturday, March 9, 2013

We All Need a Little Pick Me Up

“Two are better than one…they have a good return for their hard work. If either should fall, one can pick up the other. But how miserable are those who fall and don’t have a companion to help them up!” Ecc. 4:9-10 CEB


It was a perfect day for a seaside mis-adventure. Sapphire sky. Pristine sand. Sun gleaming off turquoise ocean. I was lost in a mystery novel when a cackle pierced the humid air.
I tipped my book and peered over my sunglasses. Two fifty-something women on brightly colored rafts fought the waves that tossed them about like clothes in a front-load washer. Pam struggled against the frothy surf, one hand clutching a sopping visor to her head while her other hand alternated clutching a raft and pin-wheeling the air. Each time she nearly gained her footing another wave plunged her into the waves. Vicki, her short dark curls plastered down with sea water, laughed hysterically as the waves tossed her like a piece of driftwood.

An epic wave crashed toward shore, up-ending Pam and pushing a hooting Vicki the final ten feet to the safety of the beach. Vicki grabbed Pam’s raft as it floated lazily on the foam. Pam emerged from the water spewing sea water, covered in sand, and doubled over with delight.

What a vivid object lesson of the relationships of Christian women! We are promised troubles and these two didn’t come out of their tropical ordeal unscathed. Pam lost her hat and added a lot of sand to her suit bottoms. Vicki lost the contents of her bladder! Life is difficult, but what a blessing it is to have companions on the journey. Pam and Vicki didn’t have to bear their trial alone. What could have ended up a scary, watery ordeal turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of their vacation.
In His word, God tells us to bear each other’s burdens, to sharpen one another, to encourage and build up those around us, and to help those that are weak. Look around you today. Is there someone that needs a little pick-me--up?                                   

Copyright 2013~Nikki Studebaker Barcus