Writer's Book Recommendation List

Below you will find a list of books most recommended by the members of American Christian Fiction Writers. Included are books on Craft, Characterization, Marketing, Grammar, and Writing in General.

*45 Master Characters--Lynn Schmidt


*An Introduction to Christian Writing--Ethel Herr

*Alicia Rasley--6 book set (see some titles below)

* A Novel Approach--Kathy Jacobson

* A Novel Idea: The Best Advice on Writing Inspirational Fiction--Chi Libris/Tyndale

*Attachments: Why You Love, Feel, and Act the Way You Do--Drs. Tim Clinton & Gary Sibcy


*Between the Lines--Jessica Page Morell

*Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells--May Buckham & Dianna Love

*Building Believable Characters--Marc McCutcheon


*Character Creation for the Plot-First Novelist--Jeff Gerke

*Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint--Nancy Kress

*Christian Counseling--Collins

*Christian Fiction (?)--Penelope Stokes

*Christian Writers' Market Guide--Sally Stuart


*English Through the Ages--William Brohaugh


*Fiction for Dummies--Randy Ingermanson

*Fiction is Folks--Robert Newton Peck

*Flip Dictionary--?


*Getting Into Character--Brandilyn Collins

*GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict--Debra Dixon, avail. through Gryphon Books on-line


*How to Grow a Novel--So Stein

*How to Write and Sell a Christian Novel--Gilbert Morris

*How to Write Best-Selling Fiction--Dean Koontz


*On Writing--Stephen King


*Polishing the P.U.G.S.--Kathy Ide


*Revising Fiction: Making Sense of the Madness--Kirk Hickman

*Revision and Editing--James Scott Bell


*Self-Editing for Fiction Writers--Browne & King

*Snowflake--Randy Ingermanson

*Sometimes the Magic Works--Terry Brooks

*Stein on Writing--Sol Stein


*The Art and Craft of Storytelling--Nancy Lamb

*The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction--Jeff Gerke

*The Art of War for Writers--James Scott Bell

*The Career Novelist--Donald Maas

*The Christian Imagination--Leland Ryken

*The Christian Writer's Manual of Style--Zondervan

*The Elements of Style--Strunk & White

*The Power of Point of View--Alicia Rasley

*The Story Within--Alicia Rasley

*The Writer's Art--James Kilpatrick

*The Writing Life--Annie Dillard


*Write Away--Elizabeth George

*Writers' Guide to Character Traits--Linda Edelstein

*Writing for Emotional Impact--Karl Iglesias

*Writing the Breakout Novel--Donald Maas

*Writing the Christian Romance--Gail Gaymer Martin

*The Writing the Fiction Synopsis: A Step By Step Approach--Pam McCuthcheon, avail. through Gryphon Books on-line

Also Recommended:

*Editing/Grammar books by Kathy Ide

*Teaching CDs by Michael Hauge (avail. on-line, I believe)

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