Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Into Character: The INFJ (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judger)

Today we continue our look at the sixteen specific types, finishing up next week.This is going to be so fun, because even if this is not your particular label, more than likely you will recognize someone you know and love revealed on the page. I need to let you know that this is NOT a professional opinion or blog—I’m just teaching you what I've learned over more than ten years of studying personality.
I’m not going to repeat my description of the dominant preferences and such, but if you haven’t been following along, go back and read the beginning of the first week’s post, which you will find under the April archives (The ESTP). I’ve highlighted the part you need to read in green, so you can easily catch up.

Last week we looked at the ISFJs, those people who serve those around them with joy and are good through and through. Today we will change just one letter and see what a difference the Sensor/iNtuitive choice makes in personality. Everyone needs an INFJ or two in their life, since this personality helps us see the future.

Living Life with an INFJ: If you could use one word to describe the INFJ, it would be "visionary". They look toward the future and help others to do the same. They are planners and developers, always looking ahead. INFJs are insightful. When making decisions, INFJs take into consideration how their choices will affect the lives and feelings of others and choose accordingly. INFJs also have a keen sense of the feelings and motivations of other people. They are creative and imaginative and use these gifts to accomplish tasks and to make the journey enjoyable for themselves and the people around them. And if you want something done, ask an INFJ. They are consistent, organized workers who follow through and keep their word.
Career/Service Area Choices for an INFJ:  INFJs are often "word" people. They use spoken or written words to introduce new ideas and to stimulate change in their environments. In work and service, INFJs prefer places where they are allowed to be creative and original and where people are cooperative, organized, and focused on the same things the INFJs is. They enjoy ministries or careers that allow them to focus on the big-picture future and develop plans to get there. INFJs generally enjoy teaching or leading, but prefer smaller groups of people. Some careers that appeal to INFJs include: designer, counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist, human resources, marketing, teacher/trainer, homemaker, writer/editor, attorney, clergy, librarian, social worker, and scientist.
Free Time for an INFJ: Leisure activities for the INFJ may be solitary or involve people who mean a lot to them. They don't join group sports or hobbies to be around people. Often INFJs enjoy hobbies they can complete parallel to a special friend, such as carpentry, scrap booking, or sewing. INFJs usually make and keep friends for a long time rather than frequently make new ones. INFJs may meet regularly to share and catch up with their friends. Yet, they are also comfortable in friendships where they go long periods of time without seeing the other person, but can pick up their friendship right where they left off when they are together.
Warnings for the INFJ: Too much of any good thing can be a bad thing, so here are some things INFJs need to beware. INFJs may keep their thoughts to themselves more than they should, especially in the interest of keeping the peace. Let others know your thoughts. Often humble to a fault, INFJs need to let others know their gifts and strengths. You've been blessed with things you can do well, but if others don't know that, things might go undone that you could easily accomplish. Listen to the suggestions and thoughts of others. Other people have good ideas too. Learn to let go of unimportant or irrelevant details. INFJs can become so obsessed with one facet that they get totally off track. Prioritize.
Spiritual Helps for the INFJ: Spiritual growth for the INFJ often takes place or at least starts with solitude. INFJ enjoy time to write or journal their thoughts, feelings, prayers, or poetry. INFJs may use artistic avenues to express their spiritual sides. They might paint, sculpt, sing, play and instrument, compose stories, poems, plays, or teaching material. INFJs often enjoy digging deep into a topic of interest to them. They may read and research for long periods of time if some aspect or topic in their spiritual life intrigues them. INFJs may also help and encourage others, especially in finding unique solutions to spiritual problems.
What Others Say About the INFJ: Are you beginning to see yourself of someone you love on this page? If so, you know that they (or you) are people of integrity, quietly influential, compassionate, and harmonious. They are idea people; conceptual, idealistic, and holistic. Intense and determined, they are committed, deep people who continually keep an eye on the future and point others there too.

Okay, who do you know that is an INFJ? If you are an INFJ, let me hear from you. I would love to know who out there can help me see the future!

Well, we've come down the very last label. Drum roll, please...let's hear it for the ENFJ! Next week is your turn and you certainly are last, but not least. See you then.


  1. I have consistently tested as an INTJ but the line between T/F is hazy. I personally think I sound more like an INFJ but ??

    In my family there are all sorts of letters (LOL) and it's interesting to see how accurate these profiles are for them. Strong personalities--all of them.

    I have a writer friend who has defied all the tests and refuses to be put into a MBTI profile. I think she fits one profile, but if I suggest it, she gets all rankled. LOL.

    Anyway, these are fun and insightful, Nikki.

  2. There are a lot of similarities in profiles with a lot of letters in common. A lot of times it is just where or how they express things.

    It is so fun to learn this stuff. I always get a picture of someone in my mind for each type.

    In reality, it is not so necessary to know your type, but rather that you understand how you are made up, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you will react "naturally". Then you can celebrate the good, make allowances for the bad, and work to change the ugly.

    Glad you are enjoying it. I love this stuff!

  3. I'm an INFJ through and through. I've taken many test to make sure and am one hundred percent infj and one of my closest friends is also an infj.

  4. Dear Anon,

    It is nice to have friends like us. They understand us and can support us in ways others sometimes can't.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I am an infj and glad to share my anonymous thoughts. I often, often feel misunderstood. If I am not inspired for something in life I feel bored and useless. There has to be a goal; a search for truth and meaning. Oftentimes I make goals up to offer spice in life. Currently I am stagnant or (shall I say) in between goals. I must find something new since I've accomplished all I've set out to do thusfar. Anyway, perhaps I am being a bit indulgent. Thanks for this page and thoughtful words!

  6. I am definitely an INFJ, and thank you for bringing forth a resource to help others (and ourselves!) understand us. I love finding people who understand, it makes me feel more sane :)

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  8. I'm a male infj that move from California to Washington state and I could use a friend or two

  9. I am an infj. It is particularly hard for me to get behind someone on a goal if I can tell their motivations are not pure. I don't always see this as a good trait because sometimes someone will ask me to help them with a noble, charitable goal but the reason THEY are doing it is to inflate their own ego. I should go ahead and do the noble thing for the sake of doing good but sometimes it is hard for me to see beyond the persons murky motivations to do the greater good. More often then not, I find my own way of serving instead of submitting to that person.

  10. I recently took a test, and the results were that I am an INFJ. After I saw the results, I decided to do research and wow, it's right on the dot through and through. It was pretty amazing to me. So much more makes sense just doing all the research. Now I know why I feel so different from many people, because I just am and also why people don't understand how I am the way I am. It was great even reading people's responses because many were similar on feelings wise. Thanks for the blog, it was a great read.

  11. I've tested many times as an INFJ, and the profile mostly fits me, except for one thing. the keeping thoughts inside part. I wear my heart on my sleeve pretty much. But the rest was great!

  12. This is me to such a tee that i'm crying. i often wonder why i am the way i am and wow this has brought me so much clarity.So much more makes sense just doing all this research