Monday, April 5, 2010

Treasure Seekers

Did you know the April 2 was Reconciliation Day? I don't think it is a coincidence that it falls the day after April Fool's Day when sometimes pranks can get out of hand. But, more than seeking forgiveness for pranks gone wrong; Reconciliation Day began when advice columnist Ann Landers saw the hurt caused by broken relationships. So every year, on April 2, the world celebrates Reconciliation Day--or does it? I'd never heard of this holiday and I'd venture many of you haven't either. Since we missed it this year, being that it fell on the holiday weekend, I'm giving us all permission to celebrate it a few days late.

When Jewel arrived on the scene, Justice couldn't wait to play with her and teach her new things. He didn't understand that she would spend the first sixth months not being able to sit alone, another few months not being able to walk, and longer than that without the gift of speech. (She's long since made up for those quiet months!) He didn't realize how good he had it until she started to get around, get into his stuff, and get mad when he didn't fulfill her wishes on demand.

He constructed elaborate fencing systems to keep his plastic animals enclosed (perhaps an early indicator of his desire to be an architect?) and she would knock them down. He would leave a book on the floor to get a drink of water, only to come back and find a sad, soggy, corner-chewed mess. And stuffed animals bore the brunt of her days of teething, grossing him out to no end. He'd take only so much and then loose his cool. He would push, yell, or yank objects out of her sticky little hands. And, of course, she would wail.

Over and over I explained to him that people are more important than things and that God wanted him to love, protect, and care for his sister--even when she made him mad. I told him that she would be his best friend and would still be there when all of his friends were grown and gone. I said that God thinks people are the greatest treasures and that we should think so too. Without coaching on my part, he took to apologizing by saying, "Jewel, I'm sorry I didn't treat you like a treasure. Will you forgive me?"

Even in his four-year-old brain, he understood that people are treasures. What do you do with treasures? You keep them safe, you protect them, you look for them when they are lost.

Is there a treasure in your life that you've lost? Maybe due to a mistake--or let's face it--a total screw-up--of yours? Maybe time and busy-ness squeezed out the friendship that was once there. Maybe it is a brother or sister or other relative that you've allowed hurt, anger, or bitterness to make you forget the treasure they once were to you. Or maybe it is someone that hurt you, but you miss the relationship that you once had. What can you do to reconcile with that person today?

Will it be easy? I doubt it. Will it require things of you that you might not want to give? I'd bet on it. Will it be worth it? I hope so. Will you feel so much better because you tried? I'm sure of it. Romans 12:18 says, If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. That means that all God requires of us it to try. He doesn't guarantee the outcome, because He gives us free will. But if we have a say in it, always choose peace.

It is interesting to me that this year Reconciliation Day fell on Good Friday--the very day the Jesus took our place on the cross to bring reconciliation between us and God. Maybe that is the relationship that you need to reconcile today. If so, don't wait. Remember, He thinks you are a treasure too.

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