Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Into Character: The ESTP (Extravert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver)

Today we start of specific look at the sixteen types in the MBTI line-up. This is going to be so fun, because even if this is not your particular label, more than likely you will recognize someone you know and love revealed on the page. I need to let you know that this is NOT a professional opinion or blog--I am not certified to administer the MBTI. The cost is high when I don't have an employer willing to send me for training. (We're talking like $2000!) I am just teaching you what I've learned over more than ten years of studying personality.

Each of us has a label of four preferences and among those four, we have a "favorite"--one that we've perfected. Let's take pizza for example. For the sake of our discussion, everyone has been given a slice of pizza. Everyone's piece of pizza consists of four parts--the cheese, the toppings, the sauce, and the crust. Some of you will prefer the cheese. Others eat it for the toppings. Still others relish the sauce. And some of you carb-lovers, live for the crust. You all have all the parts, but you also have a favorite--one you return to again and again and if you could only have one part, that's the one you'd choose. It's the same with personality. You have one area that you fall back on time and again--one area you've perfected.

For the sake of this study, we are not going to go into all the logistics of the dominant and other functions. What you need to know is that your dominant function is one of these four: Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, or Feeling. That is why you can have the same four-part label as someone and still not be personality-clones. There are nuances even among people that share a label.

So, because my lovely ESTP friend (who shall remain nameless, Hi!) was the first to send me her type, that is where we will start. We will look at six specific areas.

Living Life with an ESTP:  ESTPs are known for their love of life. They like to have a good time and thanks to their Extravert tendency, they invite others to come along. They are FUN, with a capital F. They like to "do" rather than "be" and are always moving. They are rational thinkers that stay calm in a crisis and have an eye for the practical tasks that need completing. They don't pull any punches--they tell it like they see it, employing the truth in a straightforward manner.  They are practical, out-going, realistic. They see what needs doing and are resourceful and efficient.

Career/Service Area Choices for an ESTP:  ESTPs don't back away from a crisis and will enjoy work or service opportunities that keep them moving and on their toes and using their hands. They enjoy problem-solving and can handle factual information. They require flexibility in their jobs and of course, being Extraverted, they will want contact with the public. Some occupations an ESTP might enjoy and find success in would be: auditor, carpenter/craft worker, farmer, laborer, law enforcement officer, service worker, transportation operator, sales/marketer, administrators, doctor/health care, librarian, entrepreneurs, among others.

Free Time for an ESTP: ESTPs enjoy being active and will probably be interested in sports and other activities. They like to participate in sports as players and spectators. They also may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and pastimes that involve taking risks. They are also often collectors--especially of things related to their other pursuits.

Warnings for the ESTP: Too much of any good thing can be a bad thing, so here are some things ESTPs need to beware of: Weighing their words before they speak. If they use tact, they will find their foot is less often in their mouth. They will need to pull in the reins and plan before starting out on a new adventure or project. Just because they work well under pressure doesn't mean that they should keep themselves in a constant state of upheaval. They must remember to balance play with work. ESTPs need to be careful that they don't spend too much time "doing" and being busy that they don't spend time reflecting or focusing on other important people/matters.

Spiritual Helps for the ESTP: ESTPs might feel closest to God when they are in nature. Because of their ease with facts, they may enjoy in-depth Bible study, specifically with a group of others. They will likely focus on the practical  or logical aspects of their faith and often enjoy more charismatic churches or expressions of faith. They are the movers and shakers of the church.
What Others Say about the ESTP: If you have an ESTP family member or friends, they keep things lively. They help you have a good time. They are generally easy to be around and keep things fun and interesting, helping other focus on the joy found in life.

Okay, who do you know that is an ESTP? Let me hear from you if you are!

Next week, join us as we tweak just one letter and see what a difference it makes when we explore the ENTP.

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