Thursday, March 10, 2011

Congratulations! It's a...


I've been expecting this little darling since last summer, so I'm so excited to share the news with you!

This little baby made a safe delivery on March 8, 2011 to all the places you like to buy books.

Here are the stats that I know you're dying to hear.

Name: Chicken Soup for the Soul New Moms: 101 Inspirational Stories of Joy, Love, and Wonder
Born on: March 8, 2011
Time: Anytime you need a short, enjoying read.
Measurements: Just under 400 pages, about 5" x 7" x 1", lightweight enough to fit in the diaper bag, purse, or hold one-handed during those 3 am feedings.
Proud Parents: Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing and over 100 contributors, including me!

You can find my story of a lesson learned as a brand new momma on page 246. Noah to the Rescue recounts the harrowing story of the day I was locked in the nursery and how help came in the form of a very unlikely hero.

I hope you'll check it out.

Nikki Studebaker Barcus


  1. Very funny Nikki, I am so happy for you!

  2. CONGRATS, Nikki! I'm so excited for you! Sounds like a funny story!

  3. That was just one of the first of many funny stories supplied by my kids! Thanks, ladies.